This song from Reckoning is a faster tune that is really enjoyable to play. I could never play this in high school–I learned it earlier this year.

Passaic is the place to start:

Chorus & opening chords: Here you can see the opening chords fairly well. E, Abm7, and A with a little flourish on the b string as usual.

At 13:59, you can see how Peter Buck plays the bridge to the chorus:

The bridge chords are: F#m and Abm. (I cannot wrap my thumb around the whole way to cover all the top 3 strings, but that is what Peter Buck is doing).

At 16:31, you can really see how PB moves his forefinger on and off the high E string at the end of the bridge on that F#m.

The verses are Dbm (played not as a full bar chord, seemingly typical of Peter Buck in the early days). I slide the pinky and third (ring) finger down to the E and almost pick out those notes (harboring ghosts).


Then it is up to partial bar chords A sliding up to B (pick these to get the right sound).

One thing I like about Passaic–you can usually see all the parts.




Further reading:


Possible Lyrics

Some Great Details About Lyrics: Interview with Mike Mills






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