This is a great tune–fast paced like many early songs.  And like a lot of those songs, I could play them, but not quite right.

Raleigh Underground gives some good insight–not many bar chords, just shaping them with all but top strings (Mitch Easter joins the band for this song):

At the very start, Peter walks past from left to right and you get a quick peak at the two opening/verse chords:

Open B

E barred

The Chorus almost has to be Aadd9 (or open A), Dbm, Bm, and E

I think he is leaving the bottom string open.

You can catch a glimpse of that at 12:22

That leaves the bridge part between the verses and at the end of one of the choruses. That appears to be simply (see 11:54):

Aadd9 (or open A)

Open B

If you blink, you could miss these things!

I’ve said before that I don’t necessarily think that seeing how they played these songs in the more recent past is conclusive of how they played them originally, but here is a 2007 video showing R.E.M. performing 1,000,000. Think about it–this is 25 years after the 1982 video above.  25 years . . .

The chords we sussed out together seem to be correct.


Further Reading

Possible Lyrics





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