Wolves, Lower

This is a song that my fraternity brother, Mike E., taught me (perhaps Freshman year–1988 or 89). He showed me most of it, and from what video I have been able to watch, I think it is mostly correct. I had to learn a couple of parts from the available videos. I’d love to know how Mike learned it–passed on from someone who had seen it live, if he saw them live, or if he figured it out by ear–but Mike doesn’t remember now. I have always been appreciative of him teaching this to me.

Raleigh Underground 1982 gives some good insight:


The opening of that video gives you a good shot of how Peter Buck plays the beginning. At about 2:04 there is a great shot of Peter Buck playing the “chorus” (guess that’s the chorus–the “house in order” part) which is like this:

A, D, G, C

At about 2:47 there is a pretty good look at how the “Bridge to the Chorus” (“In a corner garden”) part is played–one finger, sliding down from the intro/verse part. He plays with two on the arpeggios:

This B thing, and this A thing–very Peter Buck-sian (Buck-esque?).

Very Peter Buck chords.

The “solo” part eluded me until I saw this very recent version:

Check out 2:22–he doesn’t slide it that way back in the early days, but at least you can tell where his fingers are:

1, 2, 3, 1, 31

Then: 42, 3, 1, 31 repeated 3 times. That eluded me forever.

So putting it all together, I figure this is pretty close:



Further Reading

Michael Stipe: suspicion yourself from Wolves is just bad grammar, but it works. Well it’s in a song called Lower Wolves that is titled on the record as Wolves, Lower. What did you expect?


Possible Lyrics




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