Much credit goes to my friend, Fast Ocular, for leading me down the right track for this song. There was not a lot else to go on, and his videos gave me what I needed to finally figure this out after all these years! I have to say that when I created this blog, it was the type of interaction I have had with Fast Ocular that I was looking for: people fanatical about how Peter Buck played REM joining together to study and learn how Peter buck played these songs. Fast Ocular has put a ton of time into his videos, and I am in awe of his talent and dedication.

What I like to do is try to find some archival video evidence of how these songs were played. I cannot find anything different from Fast Ocular’s  videos in the video record. Here is a gret 1982 video of the song being played live in Raleigh, NC:

Again in 1983 where you get some good looks at Peter Buck’s hand positions:

I think this sounds great on the 12 string. So I put it together and:


Further Reading

Possible Lyrics


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