Shaking Through

It’s been too long since my last post–life is just too busy for me, but I have still been learning and playing a lot of material.

Shaking Through is an iconic early R.E.M. Song.  It is pretty hard to find a live video of R.E.M. playing this song. Here is a 1983 version which is just incredible (last song on the video).

Mostly, this video confirms the hand positions to me. As does this much later (1989) video:




D, F#

Bridge to chorus:

Em, A


D, A, G


A, D, Em

Ending Chorus:

E, B, A


Here it is on the 12 string–I just like the full sound. Peter Buck used a 12 string to layer over parts of the song on Murmur but not live as far as I can tell:


Further Reading

Possible Lyrics



2 thoughts on “Shaking Through”

  1. Oh man, another part I’ve been playing slightly wrong for 25 years! I always played the intro down at the D chord, but after reviewing your post I see it should be much further up the neck.


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